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2/27 IBLP Instagram始動💕



「100万人に愛を届ける」- アイリーンが残された時間で掲げた夢の半ばで旅立ってから間もなく3年が経とうとしています。










This is Satomi, from the 9th term of the HC program, and a member of the IBLP marketing team.

"Delivering love to a million people" - It's been almost three years since Irene left this world in the middle of her dream.

I joined the HC program in December 2019, so it was a very short period of time that I received Irene’s coaching directly.

At the time I joined HC, I was stationed overseas, and it was time to say goodbye to my then boyfriend. I was hurt a lot by the cruel words he said to me, and I was in fear and had a fixed view towards men. Irene understood my feelings, and sometimes gave me hard words for me to hear, but with love.

Words of love can change thoughts and actions.

Little by little, still to this day, I feel my way of thinking is changing.

I want more people to know her words and the way of living. Irene has passed down to us.

In order to fulfill Irene's "dream", IBLP has opened a new Instagram account. We want to deliver Irene's love and power to as many people as possible, so we will deliver messages that make you feel closer to Irene, as well as the event announcements.

Currently, IBLP's marketing team containing people with digital marketing knowledge, is creating the message contents.

In the future, we will also send out videos and enrich the content so that as many people as possible can learn about IBLP's activities and Irene's splendidness through this Instagram account.

イベント参加お申し込みはコチラから/Click here to apply for event participation

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