Thank you! ~memorial event survey follows... メモリアルイベント、終了! 〜アンケートにご協力お願いします


It's been already over a week since Irene's 2nd memorial event.


​We are very grateful for those who joined us!


​We were very happy to share our time together, thinking of Irene and feeling her presence.


We hope you enjoyed it as well.


​And we hope to see those who could not make it this time, in the future event.


​To help us make our activities and events even better, please take the survey from the below link.


​We would appreciate it very much if you would answer the questions, regardless of your attendance at the event.


​We would like to send our appreciation once again, for your help and presence at the event.


Many thanks to you all, I think many of us were able to "meet" Irene again, and it was a wonderful time to honor her legacy.


Thank you so much!


​Irene Second Memorial Event Planning Committee member: Chizuko