【Information for Event Toasts】 【イベント献杯品のご案内】


​We will be providing "The toasting drink" for purchase, for the memorial event on April 23rd.

北海道在住4期 Nakamura Yuさんに相談したところ、ご夫婦で考えていただき

​We consulted Yu Nakamura in Hokkaido to help us choose the items. ​She and her husband put their thoughts together,


​and selected fabulous items from Hokkaido, which would make everyone smile,


​with the concept of “Beauty x Healthy x Fun”


We are impressed with their sophisticated choices!


(The following ★ items will be shipped together. We will also accommodate shipping overseas.)​


​We are very much looking forward to the toast ♪


Due to shipping related preparations, the order deadline will be sooner than the event registration due date.


(the order deadline will be around 3/20!)


​When the ordering starts on 3/7, please make your purchase sooner than later!!


​★Drink ~ Shakotan Spirit Blue Herbal Tea


​We chose this blue herbal tea to reflect the image of Irene.


The tea is good as it is (the color changes beautifully when you add lemon),


​or can be mixed with gin or something similar for a tasty adult beverage.


​★Food ~ Pyram's assortment of organic dried fruits and nuts


​Pyram is a specialty store in Niseko, selling organic items by weight.


​With the recommendation of Yu and her husband, a special blend of nuts and dried fruits was created especially for this event.


​Not only enjoying the blend as it is, you can also enjoy it as the detox water by soaking it in water.


​Because of their effort for the environmentally friendly operation, the packaging is biodegradable.


​Both stores are developing their businesses under fabulous concepts.

積丹スピリット https://shakotan-spirit.co.jp/index.html

北海道積丹半島の厳しい自然環境で育つ多種多様なボタニカルを使った蒸留所。自社ボタニカル ガーデンもあり、原料の栽培から行なっている他、オンラインショプでは道内のヘルシードリンクも取り 扱う。積丹という地域の豊かさの象徴である海森文化を知り、学び、守り、永続的な地域づくりを目指 すプロジェクトも実施中。

Pyram Organics & Plants https://www.pyram.life

「オーガニック食品の普及は、大地を守ること、生態系の維持、自然環境の保護、循環型社会の形 成に繋がる」という考えのもと、全て生分解出来る梱包資材を使用し、無駄なゴミを作ることなく地産地 消を最優先にしたオーガニック食品を安価に気軽に買えるようにと北海道ニセコでスタートしたお店。

アイリーン三回忌メモリアルイベント実行委員会 Irene Memorial Event 2022 Planning Committee